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Investment settles Application Process

The applicant
  • The applicant must submit the required documents to the Immigration Department, including Foreign Permanent Identity Card and proof of two years with assets of not less than HK 10 million.
Immigration Department
  • File number issued by Immigration Department about one month later.
  • It normally takes 8 – 9 months for Immigration Department to examination and approved.
In Principle Approval
  • Immigration Department issued the approval in principle.
  • Applicants conducted HK $ 10 million investment.
  • To declare all the files upon completion of the investment.
Officially approved
  • It normally takes 3 – 4 months for Immigration Department to lock assets; will then issue the official approval.
  • The applicant is eligible for Visas and Identity Card of Hong Kong Residents for two years.
  • Hong Kong visa required for renewal once for every two years.
Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
  • 7 years to comply with the rules set by Immigration Department to apply for Hong Kong permanent identity cards.