Advantrages Malaysia

Selection Factors

VM2H has always been to "service-oriented, integrity management" concept, carefully chosen to settle in Malaysia object because VM2H believed that Malaysia is a pleasant climate, ecological stability with low density population, rich in natural resources, modernize and stable society situation and diversified representation of countries in South East Asia. Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H programme) is the Government of Malaysia to attract foreign capital and to promote tourism, economic development, and promote a policy, the purpose is to grant 10-year period to meet specific criteria foreigner social multiple entry visas, after the expiration of this visa can continue to be updated in order to encourage their permanent residence or a plan to invest in Malaysia.

What is MM2H

Malaysia - My Second Home program is a program promoted by the Malaysian government to allow foreigners who meet certain conditions to obtain valid for 10 years multiple entry visa in order for permanent residence in Malaysia.

The Government Intention

VM2H confident the group will settle for investment expansion, we mainly focus with high growth potential people from China and other Asian countries to Malaysia. Since its implementation of Malaysia My Second Home Program with its lower threshold, simpler procedures and more favorable treatment to attract a large number of foreigners to settle in Malaysia, only China has been ranked in the top 10 largest source of (MM2H) of the project to attract foreign investment in Malaysia has opened up a creative writing.

Planning and Support

VM2H programme is advocated, planning and implement by the Malaysian government. Therefore, the Government will continued support our development of this plan to ensure the program will be successful.

The Advantages of Education

Malaysia inherited the British Federation of the education system, which has attracting attention, especially for those families with economic conditions in general and is willing to let the kids get a Western education diploma of families to choose one of the countries. In addition, the housing price is relatively low, prices for smooth from China's major cities, settlers is a great attraction.