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Suspension of the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
Important Message: The Government has announced that the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme would be suspended with effect from 15 January 2015 until further notice. The Immigration Department will continue to process applications received on or before 14 January 2015, whether already approved (including approval-in-principle and formal approval) or still being processed. For details and FAQs, please click here .
What is the reason for the government of Hong Kong to develop such immigration policy?
It is to attract foreign funds and to boost the competitiveness of Hong Kong.
How long does it take for a client to obtain the visa after signing?
At least 3 to 6 months. However, provided that the 10 million capital could be invest in Hong Kong in a short period with ensuring the required documents are in order. If the documents are in order and the capital to invest in Hong Kong has been capitalized, the residence identity card can be obtained in 3-6 months.
What is the definition of net assets?
Net assets is defined as the net worth after any asset, property or equity after deducting the amount of any or every charge, lien and encumbrance secured on or attached to that asset, property or equity, as the case may be.
What is the that in the category of the financial assets investment refers to?
Can the dependants of investment immigrant take up employment in Hong Kong?
According to the provision, for those allowed to enter Hong Kong as capital investor, their dependants are not allowed to admit for employment unless with the permission from the director of immigration. In view of the improvement on economy and employment situation in Hong Kong, the authorities decided to repeal the provision to strengthen the advantages in attracting talent in Hong Kong.

In other words, the dependants of the capital investor are allowed to take up employment without obtaining the permission from the director of immigration. However, the authorities have to make preparations for amending the relevant conditions of stay. The details and the date of implementation will be announced by then.

What are the advantages of Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme compared to other countries’ immigrant projects?
  1. The whole family members are allowed to migrate as long as there is an investor in the family. It is applicable to the applicant’s spouse, and child under18 years of age. You’re free to apply on your own if you have more children.
  2. Easy to apply: only need to provide passport and photo to apply third country permanent residence permit. There’s no reason for the government of Hong Kong to reject the application if the third country documents are real, with ready fund and the identity card of applicant is genuine and valid.
  3. There is no academic, languages and background restrictions to the Hong Kong investment residency applicant.
  4. No interview needed by the immigration officer: So long your qualification, identity, funds fulfilled the requirement of the government of Hong Kong, approval from the government of Hong Kong will be granted. There is no human factor in the government of Hong Kong and they do not have the right to reject the case.
  5. You may exempted from tax within the country, and entitle to enjoy preferential policies for overseas Chinese. There’re many preferential policies for domestic investment by overseas Chinese.
  6. Many people in the country wish to get an extra identity, and the guests that settled in Hong Kong usually have deposit / stock / fund / bond investment. Therefore, they could apply for an extra identity, it's worth doing. Why not do it?
Proven of assets under personal name (main applicant owns not less than HK$ 10 million proven personal net assets, including: bank deposit, stock, bond, properties, company share etc. for the past two years before the application)
  1. All the personal bank account information: (for the past 24 months, if account opened more than two years, please inform us the account opening date) → Like certificates of deposit, passbook details, bank statements etc. (Including Hong Kong, China and Overseas)
  2. All the assets under the name of main applicant → Properties ownership certificates/sales and purchase agreement/invoice/mortgage contract/tax receipts etc.
  3. Stock, bond: monthly statements or relevant information.
  4. Company shareholder → Original and copy of business license/latest capital verification report/re-allotment of share (if any)/ last two years’ company financial reports
Is explanation needed for the source of funds?
No. The government of Hong Kong does not require applicant to provide full information to prove the source of fund.
Can I switch the investment method within the 7 years? What to do if the value of stock depreciated? Do I need to top up the difference? If there is appreciation on the value, can the appreciation part be withdrawn?

Investment method can be switch. Within 7 years, applicant is not required to top up the different value of the stock. The applicant is now allowed to withdraw the appreciated part as well.

Can I have my home visit permit or SAR passport after I’ve become the permanent resident of Hong Kong?
Me and my wife owns a property worth 10 million in the country, am I eligible to apply?
Yes for jointly owned properties, you may apply if the proportion of your net asset value is worth more than HK $10 million and above.
Can you guarantee the processing be done in Hong Kong in half a year time?
It has to depend on the documents provided by the clients is complete as per required, is the proof of fund is clear, as well as is the investment in Hong Kong could be done with fast after getting the notice of Approval-in-Principle.
Am I considered as Hong Kong Permanent Resident after staying in the country for 7 years?
You still have to go through the process of applying as a permanent resident after staying for 7 years in the country. You will be free from the limitation or conditions of stay after you obtained the identity of permanent resident.
If the applicant has applied for Hong Kong Investment Residency but over a period of time, the applicant applied for other investment immigrant in another country and the applicant decided to stay in the other country. In this case, what is the effect to the permanent resident permit and HKSAR passport?
The main applicant could apply for exemption if he could provide the proof to justify he owns a company in China or other countries; or he is unable to entry for resident in Hong Kong due to he is currently admitted for employment in other countries. The director of the Hong Kong Immigration has the right to give approval to the main applicant for not staying in Hong Kong. However, the applicant can apply for the permanent resident permit with the HKSAR after 7 years.
Is there immigration detention in Hong Kong?
In Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, there is no specified regulation for applicant to be obliged to staying in Hong Kong. However the director of immigration has the right of discretion.
Is the China passport will be cancelled after the process of Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme done?
After 7 years as a formal Hong Kong permanent resident, applicant needs to choose to retain either China Passport or HKSAR passport. This is because a citizen is allowed to hold only a nationality. However, before the applicant becomes a permanent resident of Hong Kong within the 7 year, the China passport will be remained and will not be cancelled.
When should I invest?
Investor can invest 6 months before the application or within 6 months after obtaining the notice of Approval-in-Principle.
Processing time
It takes about 15 working days for the process of applying third country residence status and it takes 6 to 8 weeks for the Hong Kong Immigration to process the application. The process will be delayed if the document is incomplete.q
Is there any requirement on academic qualification and business experience for the Hong Kong Investment Residency application?
There is no requirement on academic qualification and business experience.
How does China citizen apply Hong Kong Investment immigrant.
At the moment, the plan is suit for China citizen who has obtained the permanent resident identity in other country. China citizen will first receive a third country permanent resident identity and make application thereafter.
Can investment immigrant enjoy the benefits of Hong Kong residence?
No. Under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, you’re only eligible for the benefits after 7 years.
Am I eligible to enjoy the preferential tax policy after obtained temporary identity?
Yes, you can enjoy the benefit immediately.
Is there any special requirement for children for the application of a family?

Child has to be 18 years old and below, however if child is above 18 years old, applicant may try to get approval from the immigration butit is subjected to the approval of the Director of Immigration.

In the file of Hong Kong residency application, the required notarization will ibe issued by which country? It is China or third countries?
Can a China citizen apply for Hong Kong Investment Immigrant?
According to Hong Kong Immigration Department, China citizen must owns a third country resident identity. Our company is providing the service for customer in applying third country resident identity.
I’ve prepared to enter as resident with my spouse and children in Hong Kong by investment immigrant, may I know is there any limitation for number the dependents?
As long as the children are under the age of 18, there is no limitation for the number of dependents.
Can applicant make application first and invest thereafter?
Yes, applicant can invest within the six months after the Hong Kong Immigration Department issue the notice of Approval-In-Principle.