Our Hong Kong


Credible and Reliable

Our strategic partners are one of the largest financial services organizations in Hong Kong, the strength of assurance. There are experienced group member in the service sector in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou investment immigration. Cooperation since 2004 with a number of large-scale immigration and domestic companies has completed the financial investment and arrivals of more than 1,000 applicants. Partners hold SFC, insurance and real estate agency specializing license, it offers a comprehensive co-investment and value-added financial services specifications.

Extensive experience

Our strategic partners have a senior investment immigration consultant, with years of handling experience of "Capital Investment Entrant Scheme" for our customers and provide a full range of professional services to ensure that the application meets the requirements of the Immigration Department during the follow-up and considerate customer needs.

At your service

Our strategic partners can help customers to apply and handle the "Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme" formalities and migrate arrangement to Hong Kong, our wealth management team with extensive experience in providing professional and comprehensive services to ensure that the application meets the requirements of persons Immigration and considerate to follow up on customer needs.

Carefree Investment

Our strategic partners to provide a comprehensive financial and investment services, a one-stop investment platform to help you to keep abreast of personal investment situation, moreover Emperor Financial Group's investment securities portfolio advisor to assist to make recommendations,so that you are in line with immigration requirements carefree within seven years, while it can make the capital to enjoy stable returns.

Stabilize the professional

Our strategic partners also provide a wide range of insurance and investment products, including life insurance, annuities, individual and group insurance, medical insurance and funds. Professional financial planners will made a comprehensive assessment of the customer and make reliable financial advice to helps to efficiently dispersed immigrant investor risks and get a potential returns. In addition, also provides comprehensive for all the conditions stipulated by the supporting Government, so by investing in Hong Kong at least HK $ 10 million customers, will be able to renew the visa formalities through strategic partner to the Government HKSAR wealth management company.
(According to HKSAR "Capital Investment Entrant Scheme", in accordance with the provisions of the principal applicant who invest at least 10 million Hong Kong dollars at the specified assets (such as stocks and funds) for seven years in Hong Kong can apply to become a permanent resident of families, to apply for HKSAR passport.)